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The Word of the Day comes from "Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line" by Deepa Anappara. It is longlisted for the 2020 Women's Prize for Fiction,


NOUN djinn (noun) · djinn (plural noun)

  1. (in Arabian and Muslim mythology) an intelligent spirit of lower rank than the angels, able to appear in human and animal forms and to possess humans.Compare with genie. "the rebellious jinn lead men astray"

ORIGIN from Arabicjinnī, plural jinn.

Jinn, also Romanized as djinn or Anglicized as genies, are supernatural creatures in early pre-Islamic Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. Like humans, they are created with fitra, neither born as believers nor as unbelievers, but their attitude depends on whether or not they accept God's guidance.

Since jinn are neither innately evil nor innately good, Islam was able to adapt spirits from other religions during its expansion. Jinn are not a strictly Islamic concept; rather, they may represent several pagan beliefs integrated into Islam.

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