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A warung (old spelling waroeng or warong) is a type of small family-owned business — a small restaurant or café — in Indonesia (and to a lesser extent, Malaysia and Suriname). A warung is an essential part of daily life in Indonesia. Today, the term warung has slightly shifted — especially among foreign visitors, expatriates, and people abroad — to refer more specifically to a modest Indonesian restaurant or a place that sells Indonesian things (mostly groceries or foodstuff). But for the majority of Indonesians, the meaning is still a small, neighborhood convenience shop, often a front room in a family's home.

There are establishments on the touristy island of Bali and elsewhere that attach the term warung in their business to indicate their Indonesian nature. Traditionally, warung is indeed a family-owned business, run by the family members, mostly by women.

Traditional warungs are made from wooden, bamboo or thatched materials. More permanent warungs are made from bricks and concrete, some family-owned businesses are attached to their homes. Some smaller portable warungs are made from tin, zinc or some modern version might use fiberglass mold. Warung tenda is a portable tent warung, covered with canvas, fabric, tarp or plastic sheet tent for roofing.

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