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The Word of the Day comes from "Breasts and Eggs" by Mieko Kawakami. It is shortlisted for the 2021 Tournament of Books.


A lunette is a half-moon shaped architectural space, variously filled with sculpture, painted, glazed, filled with recessed masonry, or void. A lunette is formed when a horizontal cornice transects a round-headed arch at the level of the imposts, where the arch springs.

noun noun: lunette; plural noun: lunettes

  1. 1. an arched aperture or window, especially one in a domed ceiling. a crescent-shaped or semicircular alcove containing something such as a painting or statue.

2. a fortification with two faces forming a projecting angle, and two flanks.

3. CHRISTIAN CHURCH a holder for the consecrated host in a monstrance.

4. a broad, shallow, typically crescent-shaped mound of wind-blown material along the leeward side of a lake or dry lake basin.

5. a ring fixed to a vehicle, by which it can be towed.


late 16th century (denoting a semicircular horseshoe): from French, diminutive of lune ‘moon’, from Latin luna .

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