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Being a big fan of Ancient Rome, I love Lindsey Davis' Falco novels. Falco is what we would probably refer to today as a Private Detective and the novels are set after 69AD which is known as the Year of the Four Emperors. It is a great time period to set the novels as Civil war was rife, with Vespasian coming out on top and establishing the Flavian Dynasty.

This copy of VENUS IN COPPER by Lindsey Davis is a first edition, first print published in 1991 by HUTCHINSON. It is signed by Davis on the title page in blue ink.

If you love Ancient Rome and great writing then I highly recommend this series of novels.

Here is a synopsis -

Marcus Didius Falco, Imperial Rome's answer to Columbo, is hired by relatives of a wealthy real estate developer, Hortensius, to find his murderer. What Falco uncovers is a hotbed of crime in the unscrupulous business dealings of Hortensius. The third book in the series of amusing, romantic detective thrillers set in ancient Rome.

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