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Not for a long time have I seen a book divide readers. Black Leopard Red Wolf by Marlon James has been one of the most anticipated books since James let the public know he was writing it.

The whole issue that is dividing readers is the graphic sex, especially the rape and sodomy that appear frequently in the book. I understand that there are going to be readers who will never be able to get past this aspect and I respect that and understand, but this book is such an amazing piece of literature and I feel that many readers are missing out on the brilliant, unique world that James has created. The mythology and fantasy he has breathed into life is quite amazing and surprisingly, to me anyway, has a very unique and original feel. Couple this with some characters that any fantasy writer worth their salt would be proud to have created, and a narrative which just keeps getting better the further you get into the book and you have a special book on your hands.

I have provided a wonderful link here - that might help some people who are considering that this book may be too graphic for them,

I know that not many people read this but if this has convinced even one person to read this marvellous book than I feel happy. I simply cannot wait for the second book in the trilogy.

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