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I have never really ventured into the world of comics and graphic novels although I do admire the format. I am a big fan of Neil Gaiman and Greek Mythology. I have read a few of Gaiman's books, "American Gods", a standout for me. So when a friend (bit of a comic nerd, haha) suggested watching "The Sandman" on Netflix I thought I would try the first episode, primarily because of the Greek Mythology content.

Well, I loved it. The actor who plays Morpheus, Tom Sturridge does an amazing job. Gwendoline Christie, from GAME OF THRONES, is also convincing as Lucifer. And the special effects are quite stunning.

I still don't think I would read the comics, but if you like Gaiman, Greek Mythology, and are looking for a new series to binge you could do a lot worse than this.

It is also open ended, ensuring a second series if this one proves popular.

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