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The other vests are not as vocal as the AK’s, not quite so belligerent, but they are still raring to go, arguing who is going to do the most damage, who will cause the most destruction and death. There was silence when I told them that they would never know, because they would no longer exist to compare the horrific results. They couldn’t understand, and I struggled to find where the question had come from. Did it not sicken and appall them what the hundreds of ball bearings, screws, nuts and nails were going to do to the soft, flimsy bodies of our creators? How do I know these things, and why do I fear them so much? My own “death”, if you can call it that, does not worry me in the slightest. What worries me, is the innocent lives that will be lost. What have they done, to deserve such a punishment? Is it because they worship different gods? Oh yes, I know all about gods too. Beings that our creators believe created them. This is what I can’t understand. The innocents we are being sent to kill believe in the same god. They have committed no crime. This is madness!

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