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Eleanor Catton is best known for her second novel The Luminaries which won the 2013 Booker and is one of my favourite books. This book is her first novel. It is a first edition, first print, with an autographed plate. The plate is not glued to a page in the book. It was published in 2009 by McClelland & Stewart.

It has a very simple cover that is pleasing to the eye but far from the beautiful cover that graces the cover of the first edition of The Luminaries.

Many publishers will include a plate with the author's signature signed on it. This is the case with this first edition. Collectors, myself included, prefer the signature to be inscribed on the title page. Unfortunately I could not get a copy like this at the time. This edition is still a favourite of mine though because The Luminaries is one of my favourite books and this book is Catton's debut novel.

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