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This Folio set is a stunning sets of books. This set comprises the three books of the trilogy, TITUS GROAN, GORMENGHAST, and TITUS ALONE. This trilogy was originally one huge novel and Peake was working on a fourth book when he died. It is a fantasy series, but a very dark one. I must admit that I have never finished the trilogy. I have read that there is also a novella, BOY IN DARKNESS, that takes place in the same world as this trilogy. This set is beautifully illustrated by Peter Harding especially for Folio. It was published in 2011.


What I have read of the trilogy, I very much enjoyed and I will finish it.

Here is a quick synopsis from wiki -


Gormenghast /ˈɡɔːrmənˌɡɑːst/ is a fantasy series by British author Mervyn Peake, about the inhabitants of Castle Gormenghast, a sprawling, decaying, gothic-like structure. Originally conceived as a single on-going novel, the series was ended by Peake's death and comprises three novels, Titus Groan (1946), Gormenghast (1950), Titus Alone (1959) and a novella, Boy in Darkness (1956), whose canonical status is debated.[1] Peake was writing a fourth novel, Titus Awakes, at the time of his death, which was later completed and released by Peake's widow in 2009.

Although the first two installments do not contain any overtly fantastical elements, Gormenghast is almost unanimously categorized as fantasy because of the atmosphere and pseudo-medieval setting.[2][3] The series has received widespread acclaim from the speculative fiction community and mainstream literary critics — Harold Bloom argues that it is a more accomplished work than the contemporary and better-known The Lord of the Rings.[4][citation needed]

The series has been included in Fantasy: The 100 Best Books, Modern Fantasy: The 100 Best Novels and 100 Must Read Fantasy Novels as one of the greatest fantasy works of the twentieth century. Literary critic Harold Bloom has praised the series as the best fantasy novels of the twentieth century and one of the greatest sequences in modern world literature.[4] Gormenghast is often credited as the first fantasy of manners novel.[5][6] The books have been translated into over twenty languages.

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