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This is the first book in Colleen McCullough's Rome series and is one of my favourite books of all time. To think that she researched these books for over ten years in a time before the internet is unbelievable. She was an amazing writer and such a wonderful person who had a laugh for everything.

This book is a first edition, first print and signed on the blank page before the title page. It was published by Morrow in 1990.

The back cover features a large black and white photo of the wonderful lady herself.

If you are interested in Ancient Rome, particularly the time period of the civil wars, and would love to learn about characters such as Marius, Sullu, Pompey the great, and of course Caesar, than I recommend the series wholeheartedly. I can honestly say I learnt more about Ancient Rome from this series than the non-fiction books I started buying after reading this series. This series of books kindled a desire and love for Ancient Rome in me that has never diminished.

Of all the books Colleen wrote, and there are some great ones, I believe that these are her finest work. An Aussie legend!

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