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This book is a particular favourite of mine. THE CONSPIRACY by JOHN HERSEY. This is a fist edition first print published by KNOPF in 1972. Physically it is a beautiful book. The front cover is gold and white and the relief wraps from the front cover around to the back. The pages are deckle edged.

It is signed on the very first page by John with the inscription below.

I was lucky enough to also receive a letter from John to Pat along with the novel. It is written on paper with John's letterhead.

It's also a wonderful novel, especially for lovers of Ancient Rome. Here is a synopsis -

Nero's secret police believe they have come on the first hints of a plot against the emperor's life. Once a promising & gifted friend of poets, pupil of the great Seneca, Nero has bloodied himself & grown fat on power. Crass, mediocre men--the military & the secret police--now have his ear. While he & his court give themselves to pleasures increasingly perverse & dissipated, the secret police close in on (or do they foment, or imagine?) the conspiracy of the men of letters.

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