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I have always had a passion, a love for books about slavery and emancipation. They are normally deeply profound and poignant. I suppose that is generalising, but the reason I bring up this point is that I noticed this book and requested it for review on NetGalley. It has a publication date of 27th of February 2020. I quickly read the first couple of chapters to get a vibe, a feel, for the author and I must admit that it reads very well and I get the feeling that I am going to enjoy this book.

Here is a synopsis and a little bit of information on the author.

Narrated by the soul of an African slave woman, this is a searing debut novel about hope, redemption and the scars of history.

Over two hundred years ago in Africa, a woman tosses her young son to safety as she is hauled away by slavers. After a brutal sea passage, her second child, a newborn baby girl, is snatched away. Although the woman doesn’t know it yet, her spirit is destined to roam the earth in search of her lost children.

Her spirit will make its way to modern-day England, where she watches teenage Michael trying to stay out of trouble as riots spit and boil on the streets of Brixton, and to a sun-baked village in Nigeria, where Ngozi struggles to escape her low-caste status.

As the invisible threads that draw these two together are pulled ever tighter, The Book of Echoes asks: how can we overcome the traumas of the past when they are woven so inextricably with the present?

ROSANNA AMAKA was born to African and Caribbean parents. She began writing THE BOOK OF ECHOES twenty years ago to give voice to the Brixton community in which she grew up. Her community was fast disappearing – as a result of gentrification, emigration back to the Caribbean and Africa, or simply with the passing away of the older generation. Its depiction of unimaginable pain redeemed by love and hope was also inspired by a wish to understand the impact of history on present-day lives. Rosanna Amaka lives in South London. This is her first novel.

I will give this a full review. I hope it's good. Love that cover!

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