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Physically this is a stunning book. It is a limited edition, limited to 100 copies of Michael Connelly's first Harry Bosch novel, THE BLACK ECHO. The book comes in a clam shell case which has a physical embossed copy of Harry's Badge on the cover of the shell. This beautiful edition was published by SCV Publications in 2007.

It is signed by Michael Connelly and James Lee Burke in gold on the title page. The number of your edition is also listed on this page, mine is 49. The pages are edged in gold and along with the black cover make a superb look. There is also an introduction written by James Lee Burke at the front of the book. This is one of my favourite books in the collection. I am not a particularly big fan of the Harry Bosch books and I actually like John Connolly's Charlie Parker novels better.

However when I found out that they would be making this limited edition set and that there were only going to be 100 published in the world, I had to have it.

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