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Fire sweeps into Perth city centre

Jan 1, 1921

Perth's biggest fire has destroyed the Economic Stores, at the corner of Hay Street and William Street. Damage is estimated at 100, 000 pounds and the cause of the blaze is a mystery.

The Economic Stores, a soft goods retail emporium, were in the heart of the city. Despite a strong wind, the fire brigade managed to save the adjoining oil store of Baird Limited, but Tilley's chemist shop was destroyed and the Ton Ton Cafe was damaged.

There was a series of explosions after the fire took hold, which firemen attributed to gas cylinders.

The chief proprietor and manager of the Economic Stores is Perth's Mayor, Mr William Lathlain. The building was insured for 29.000 pounds and stock for 65,000 pounds.

Article from "Chronicle of the 20th Century" ISBN 1 872031 80 3

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