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Caesar paused at the Rubicon,

Its waters but a trickle compared to the Rhine.

His beloved horse “Toes” gave a whinny,

then they crossed Rome’s sacred line.

He knew that he had broken Rome’s laws,

no army could enter the city with its general.

But the senate, they had forced his hand,

Civil war was now inevitable.

He was fortune’s favourite,

the senate had tried to tear him down.

The eternal city was a republic,

no man would ever wear a crown.

But the people loved him,

his men would follow him to the ends of the earth.

He would show these upstart senators,

just what the name Caesar was worth.

And so, he crossed the Rubicon,

the moment for turning back had passed.

He turned to his men and cheered,

“Come on boys, the die is cast!”

by Neale Lucas

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