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dedicated to Leesa.


Your heart has been torn away,

unexpectedly ripped from your chest.

Desolation and dismay,

replace what was beautiful and blessed.

A glass of ambrosia

once filled to the brim,

lies broken on the floor.

A myriad of shattered slivers,

infinite pieces of him,

replace what was a beating core.

Your happiness has been stolen,

each waking breath a pain.

Your heart, now just a muscle,

unable to take the strain.

Your face has forgotten how to smile,

laughter a meaningless word.

His voice that fed your soul,

no longer shall be heard.

And yet you must find some way

to carry on, this mortal life is but a start.

Your spirits will find each other,

never again be torn apart.

For life is endless,

this cruel moment an evanescent sever.

Wait a little longer, he is waiting,

your love will live forever.

by Neale Lucas

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