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I must admit that I have never liked the idea of audio books preferring to read a book myself rather than have a narrator, even a great one, or the author himself, reading it to me. However lately there has been a lot of talk about them in the Tournament of Books group on Goodreads, so I decided to give it a try. I must thank all the people who gave me suggestions on what to try and where to start. I ended up, with Lark's suggestion,

listening to the New Yorker Podcast with Richard Ford reading John Cheever's short story "Reunion". I was amazed. it was an absolute gem of a story, I have never read it before, and it was read with such skill and enthusiasm. I am going to provide the link here (not sure if it will work) for anybody who is interested. It's very short and I'm quite sure that you will be pleasantly surprised at the experience.

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