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Click on the rooster for the completed bracket.

The opening bracket for the 2021 Tournament of Books has been completed with the last two winning books slotting in. "RED PILL" by Hari Kunzru defeated "THE VANISHING HALF" by Britt Bennett and "LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND" by Rumaan Alam defeated "SHARKS IN THE TIME OF SAVIOURS" by Kawi Strong Washburn.

M.C. Mah judged the first contest and Britta Lundin the second.

Once again I have failed miserably in my predictions only picking three of the eight rounds correctly. However, in my defense I did not get to read all of the books this year and that does make it a little more difficult. Roll on to the next round!

M.C. Mah is a critic, novelist, and chef of minimal talent at a restaurant where only his wife and child eat. His work has appeared in the Millions, Literary Hub, the Rumpus, and elsewhere. He lives in Berkeley, Calif. Known connections to this year’s contenders: “None.”

Britta Lundin is an author of queer contemporary YA, including Ship It, and Like Other Girls (coming in 2021). She is also a TV writer for shows such as Riverdale (CW) and Betty (HBO). She spends her time playing basketball badly and practicing the Rubik’s Cube. She lives in Los Angeles with her wife, kid, and dog. Known connections to this year’s contenders: “None.”

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