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Climbers reach 26,000 feet up Everest

June 12. 1922

A British Everest expedition has climbed to within 3.200 feet of the summit of the world's highest mountain, according to reports reaching London today.

The British mountaineer and leader, George Lee Mallory and his two companions have succeeded in reaching 26,800 feet without the aid of oxygen - the highest altitude any climber has yet achieved.

The expedition is tackling the great peak via the north col. They have found their way toward the summit barred by a series of unchartered glaciers, which together with appalling weather conditions, are causing delays and rendering any further progress up the mountain virtually impossible.

Article from "Chronicle of the 20th Century" ISBN 1 872031 80 3

For those interested -

The dramatic and inspiring account of the very first attempt to climb Mount Everest, published to coincide with the centenary of the expedition of 1922.

The first attempt on Everest in 1922 by George Leigh Mallory and a British team is an extraordinary story full of controversy, drama, and incident, populated by a set of larger-than-life characters straight out of an adventure novel.

The expedition ended in tragedy when, on their third bid for the top, Mallory's party was hit by an avalanche that left seven men dead. Using diaries, letters, and unpublished accounts, Mick Conefrey creates a rich, character-driven narrative that explores the motivations and private dramas of the key individuals—detailing their backroom politics and bitter rivalries—who masterminded this epic adventure.

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