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World's most famous tramp comes home

Sept 9, 1921

The little tramp returned to the city of his birth today - to be mobbed by thousands of admirers in frantic scenes as the boat train pulled into Waterloo Station.

No baggy trousers, hat, false moustache or even cane for Charlie Chaplin, however. He arrived at Southampton as a tourist and seemed bewildered at the strength of his boisterous reception.

Traffic was held up in Piccadilly when another crowd surrounded the Ritz Hotel - where a suite had been reserved for the film star. The crowd refused to move until Chaplin - born in Lambeth in 1889 - appeared on a balcony and threw carnations down to his fans.

Charlie Chaplin, Britain's number one box office draw, was signed by the Keystone Studios in 1913 when he went touring with Fred Karno.

The London cinemas have been quick to cash in on Chaplin's visit with re-runs of the films like The Vagabond, Easy Street, The Rink and The Immigrant, films which many believe are destined to become screen classics.

His latest film, The Kid, is one of the most expensive ever made with a budget of $500,000.

Article from "Chronicle of the 20th Century" ISBN 1 872031 80 3

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