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100 YEARS AGO....

Bloody Sunday: IRA kills 14 Soldiers.

Nov 21, 1920

In an orgy of bloodletting remarkable even after the recent violence in Ireland, 26 people were killed in separate incidents today. Shortly after dawn, IRA men burst into hotels and rented rooms in Dublin and shot 14 British officers dead. Later in the day, soldiers and Black and Tans special police fired on a crowd at the Gaelic Athletic Association's headquarters at Croke Park and 12 people died either from gunshot wounds or trampled underfoot in the panic that ensued. Several others were wounded.

All the officers, some of them plain-clothes men, had arrived in Ireland recently as part of the effort to boost Army Intelligence, which so often has appeared to lag behind that of IRA Commander Michael Collins. There is a firm belief among the military leaders that they can win by force. The Army has been boosted and now has 43,000 men in Ireland.

Article from "Chronicle of the 20th Century" ISBN 1 872031 80 3

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