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Just about finished "THE KINDNESS OF BIRDS" by Merlinda Bobis now and I have just come across the "DEVAS". The Devas are Hindu guardian angels. Deities who give living things, both human and non-human, spiritual energy that help them to understand the universe and become one with it.

Now this was just too interesting not to google and find out more about so -

In Hinduism, guardian angels help people achieve closer union with everyone and everything in the universe. Hindus believe in a different concept of guardian angels than that found in other major religions.

Hindus sometimes worship guardian angels. While many world religions direct worship toward one main creator- God-and say that angels are God’s servants who also worship God and shouldn’t be worshiped by humans. Hinduism allows worship of many different types of gods, including those that act like guardian angels.

Hinduism’s divine beings or angels are spiritual in nature, yet often appear to people in material form looking like human beings. In art, Hindu divine beings are usually depicted as especially handsome or beautiful people.

Devas are deities who help guard people, pray for people, and promote the spiritual growth of people and other living beings such as animals and plants. Devas give the living things they watch over spiritual energy, which inspires and motivates the person, animal or plant being cared for to better understand the universe and become one wit it. Devas literally mean “shining ones”, and they are thought to inhabit the higher astral plane.

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