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The 2021 Miles Franklin Award Longlist has been announced and I think that it is a strong list. Of the eleven books I have read four and enjoyed all four. My sentimental favourite to win is "THE RAIN HERON" by Robbie Arnott. I simply adore his writing style and his magical realism that permeates his novels with an authentic Aussie feel.

Even better this year, I have been slowly chipping away at Nat, my best buddy who for the few of you who read this blog will immediately know from "Buddy Reads with Nat". I have been chipping away at her trying to get her interested in Literary awards and with this award I sense some genuine excitement from her. Maybe even some discussions on the way.

Anyway I asked her to tell me her favourites and predictions.

Ok Nat thinks that either "THE INLAND SEA" or "AT THE EDGE OF THE SOLID WORLD" will win. I have read neither of these so I am not sure at the moment.

Her other favourites are, in no particular order -





It is quite interesting, because of the four that I have actually read, Nat has only listed THE RAIN HERON.

I am going to make a concerted effort to read the other seven books on the longlist before the shortlist is announced but it will be difficult.

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