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This edition of MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN by Salman Rushdie was published by THE FOLIO SOCIETY in 2009. It won the Booker Prize in 1981, or Man Booker as it was known then. It won the BOOKER OF BOOKER PRIZE in 1993, and The BEST OF THE BOOKER PRIZE IN 2008. This edition is illustrated by Anna Bhushan.

Here is a synopsis -

Born on 15 August 1947, at the precise moment of India's independence from the British Empire, Saleem Sinai is celebrated in the press and welcomed by Prime Minister Nehru. As Saleem grows up, he realises he shares a fate with one thousand other children born in the initial hour of India's independence: all are gifted with supernatural powers. Saleem’s gift is telepathy and his destiny is inextricably linked to one of these midnight children in particular – the son of a poor Hindu woman, with whom he was swapped at birth by a well-meaning midwife.

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