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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I know this is predominantly a book site, but I am also a bit of a cinephile and I just had to warn people not to waste their money on this movie.

I am a big fan of Guy Pierce and the preview actually made this movie look watchable, but please don't be fooled. All of the actors in it are worse than most actors you find in tv commercials, I kid you not. It boggles my mind as to why Pierce would commit to such a low B, no C grade movie. It was that bad that I stopped half way through, I think I would rather sit through multiple back to back episodes of Home and Away, the acting is certainly better, again I am not joking! Please if you watch the preview like me and think it looks like a decent flick, move on to something else and don't waste your money as I did. Guy what were you thinking????

There is even a scene where Pierce disarms one of the badies, takes his shotgun off him and then proceeds to throw the shotgun in a bin, and take ten minutes setting up a trap like Macgyver that blows up one of the two baddies when he could of just shot both of them with the shotgun he threw in the bin. He accidently shot his partner ten years ago, so he has sworn off guns. And yet ten minutes later he retrieves his service revolver, and decides that he does need to use it afterall. What about going back and retrieving the shotgun. A special shoutout has to go to the Indian bikie who walks around with two guns. His acting is so increcibly bad, I had to keep watching until he was killed in a trap that my six year old nephew would not have fallen for. If there is anybody in the world who likes this movie, I will be "DISTURBED"!

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