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Being a true bibliophile, I have always loved books about bookshops and the book industry. Also, Black Books, the old tv series about a bookshop and it’s cantankerous alcoholic owner, is one of my favourite shows as well. As a result this book is a match made in Heaven for me. While not as rude, belligerent, or gross as the owner of the shop in Black Books, the author, and owner of the shop in the book, Shaun Bythell, does have a similarity when it comes to customer relations. The book is basically a collection of anecdotes and stories of his daily life, concentrating on the customers, in the bookshop. The bookshop is the second largest second hand bookshop in Scotland and provides the scene for some hilarious, eccentric customers. I think I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading this book. The book also provides a look into the world of a second hand bookshop and the troubles these shops are facing from the internet. Sites such as Amazon (whoops there goes my goodread account) are gobbling up these shops at an alarming rate. This book is a delightful, enjoyable read which I’m sure most bibliophiles (and lovers of Black Books) will enjoy. 4 Stars.

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