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Ok, Nat and I were wracking our brains as to what to read for Buddy Read number 7. You see everything fell apart, Nat fell off the wagon, plans went missing, when Nat informed me that she had told me the wrong book. Nat told me to order, well she didn't order me to order, but I ordered anyway, Neil Gaiman's, "M is for magic", which I was very happy to do as it sounds wonderful, and I like Neil Gaiman. Nat then informed me that this was the wrong book and she didn't have a copy of "M is for Magic" she had a copy of another Neil Gaiman book, whose title is nothing like "M is for Magic" SHEEEEZZZZ. However, for all of you who think that things happen for a reason, destiny, fate, etc, we found out we both have a copy of "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern. Now I have already read this but had no qualms about reading it again. So I quickly read 1 or 2, well more like 6 or 7, chapters and I had forgotten how amazing this book is and how Morgenstern sweeps you up in this magical world. So long story short, I'm delighted to be rereading this with Nat as our Buddy Read 7

Seeing as though Nat is such a slow reader (no she's not really, she is time limited) I am going to read "The Hoarder" by Jess Kidd. Now for the five of you who read this blog, Kevin's interview doesn't count they are all Kevvie Groupies, you will know that I have absolutely fallen in love with Jess Kidd. Both "Himself" and "Things in Jars" have been my favourite reads for the year. Surely Kidd can't keep this up, I am getting sick of handing out 5 stars here, there, and everywhere. However, I truly hope the "The Hoarder" is just as good as the other two. In fact even if it is half as good, it will still be bloody brilliant.

"Time limited" is the PC correct term for slow reader!

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