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As well as being a veracious reader I am also a rampant bibliophile and collector of books. Over the years I have picked up some fine editions from many bookshops around the world (the internet does have it's pluses). I will be showing these books in no particular order, just grab something off the shelf. Anyway here's the first.

NEVER LET ME GO by Kazuo Ishiguro.

This is the English first edition and first print, published by faber and faber in 2005. I love the beautiful cover, which continues onto the back cover. The blurred image of the woman is quite stunning and the colours are faded washed out light blue and yellow. This is signed by Kazuo Ishiguro on the title page, and is in near mint condition.

The blurb on the back reads - "Driving around the country now, I see things that will remind me of Hailsham. I might pass the corner of a misty field, or see part of a large house in the distance as I come down the side of a valley, even a particular arrangement of poplar trees up on the hillside, and I'll think: "Maybe that's it! I've found it! This actually is Hailsham!" Then I see it's impossible and I go on driving, my thoughts drifting on elsewhere.

To be honest I read it on publication and cannot remember it all that well. It is not as highly regarded as his masterpiece, Remains of the Day, but I do remember enjoying it.

I am constantly buying and selling, adding to my collection, so if you see a book here that you like send me an email it might be one that I am willing to part with.

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