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Just the list of authors alone promises to make this a Booker to remember.

This list of thirteen authors contains three debut authors, the youngest author, and the oldest author, to ever make the longlist.

Once again I am woefully behind and have not read any of the longlist at all. I only have one of the books on my shelf and that was thanks to Meike's wonderful prediction that THE COLONY by Audrey Magee, would make the list. I think I shall read that first, while the others make their way from all points of the globe to me.

Another thing that makes this longlist exciting for me is that I have not read any of these authors before. Yes you read correctly. I feel that I must be the only reader on the planet to have not read ELIZABETH STROUT. So now I am finally going to see what all the fuss is about over Lucy Barton.

And the oldest author on the list is Alan Garner who at eighty-seven will be the oldest author to win the prize if his novel TREACLE WALKER wins. Flip the coin and Leila Mottley, author of NIGHTCRAWLING, is the youngest ever at twenty.

Another interesting fact about the 2022 list is that it contains the shortest novel. Claire Keegan's SMALL THINGS LIKE THESE, clocks in at only 116 pages. It may be short but it sounds like a ripper of a read.

And I am looking forward to reading the three debut novels as well.

Let the pages turn!!!

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