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The 2023 Tournament of Books longlist and bracket is out. Well it has been out for quite some time but I am only getting to it now. :(

Of all the books, I have only read one. Last year's Booker winner "THE SEVEN MOONS OF MAALI ALMEIDA" goes up against "NOTES ON YOUR SUDDEN DISAPPEARANCE" in the first round. I loved the Booker winner but have never heard of this novel or its author, Alison Espach.

Of the other books I have "NIGHTCRAWLING" on the shelf while "THE PASSENGER" and "TOMORROW AND TOMORROW AND TOMORROW" are already on my Tbr. The remaining books have not really popped up on my radar yet. And this is the beauty of the TOB. It always introduces readers to new books and authors that they may not have come across before.

One thing for sure is there will be robust discussion, arguments, and a myriad of perspectives and opinions. Oh and don't forget the zombies.

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